Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6: Round of 16 Invites!

The sixth edition of the Malta Vibes is getting closer to the finish line! Today starts the coveted Round of 16 Invites, and everything is right in place for the new stage.

The first RO16 gave us many moments to remember, and we absolutely loved it! On the first day, D13 and HellRaisers were both decided to take the win, resulting in a third map, but D13’s talents secured them a 2-1 victory. There were also some players that caught our eyes during this stage, such as Frederik ‘’Fessor’’ Sørensen from Astralis Talent, who reached an ADR of 120.1 and 2.09 KD, and Artem ‘’iDISBALANCE’’ Egorov from Nemiga, who managed an impact of 1.72 and a few multikill 3 during the match against Budapest Five.

Some of the teams that weren’t so lucky and got eliminated went home with $1,000 in their pockets including HellRaisers, PACT, Budapest Five, and Apeks Rebels.

Now our participants are on their way to meet the invited teams and they’ll have to make greater efforts in order to get to the finish line, where 2 bootcamps in Malta are waiting for the two finalists and $25,000 for the true victor!

February 13th:
1. SINNERS vs. Astralis Talent
2. SKADE vs. EC Kyiv
3. Unique vs. Nemiga
4. Team Spirit vs. Young Ninjas

February 14th:
1. ENTERPRISE vs. Anonymo
2. SAW vs. D13
4. AGO vs. 1shot

All matches can be watched on Eden’s official Twitch channel, with CS:GO action starting from 10 AM to 7 PM!

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