Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6 – the end!

The sixth and the last season of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series has reached its end. It was a wild ride until the very end of the tournament, and we got plenty of moments to remember!

The two finalists, 1shot and Team Spirit had splendid performances on the semis, with 1shot taking 2-1 after a powerful battle against EC Kyiv and Team Spirit winning 2-0 against another invited team, SINNERS.

On the last stage of the Grand Final, both teams went all-in and did their best to become Malta Vibes’ last champions. After a fierce battle full of surprises and upsets, Team Spirit came on top with a 2-0 score! Even though 1shot didn’t get the grand prize, they managed to advance to the last stage and therefore they received a well-deserved money prize of $9,000, while our true victor, Team Spirit, received $24,000! Both finalists are also getting a bootcamp each to further sharpen their skills and tactics for future battles! It’ll all take place in beautiful Malta.

Team Spirit’s victory will be well remembered by all of us, as they are our last champion. Congratulations to winners and best wishes for their next adventure!

Kudos to all teams that participated in the last season, as well as to everyone who stayed with us until the very end.

All six seasons together made the most exciting adventure for us, and we will surely remember every moment of it.

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