Malta Vibes Knockout Series #6: the start of RO16

RO32 is already far behind us, which means that we are entering the RO16 stage! Squads that advanced fiercely to the next chapter, will have to battle each other before they’ll meet our exciting invites in RO16 #2.

RO32 served us many splendid moments but besides the overall team efforts, there were some individuals who had absolutely stellar performances during the first stage of the last edition of Malta Vibes Knockout Series. Our special shout-outs go to: KWERTZZ from Entropiq Prague for spoiling us with 105.3 ADR, bnox from PACT for an ACE to remember, iDISBALANCE for another ultra-smooth ACE, J3NSYY for a gorgeous clutch win and Smash for some spectacular multi-kills during Wednesday’s battle.

The scheduled matchups that are going down in the upcoming days are:

February 11th:
1. Hellraisers vs. D13
2. Astralis Talent vs. Into The Breach
3. Apeks Rebels vs. GMT
4. PACT vs. EC Kyiv

February 12th:
1. Nemiga vs.Budapest Five
2. 1shot vs. HONORIS
3. Finest vs. Young Ninjas
4. Anonymo vs. Entropiq Prague

All the above battles can be viewed on Eden’s official Twitch channel, so join us and don’t miss out on the fun:

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