MALTA VIBES WEEK 10: Champions – ForZe

We’ve reached the end of Malta Vibes, and what an ending it was…

These last three games were incredibly close. The day started with x6tence vs. North.
In the first map (Nuke) we already went into overtime and North managed to steal x6tence pick just barely 16-19. But the x6tence returned the favour on North’s pick with a 16-13 win. Resulting in a third map Overpass to be played. Sadly for x6tence they allowed North to take too much of a lead in the first half and they weren’t able to close the gap. Making North the first Finalist this week.

ForZe vs. Sprout started off in Sprout’s favour. But this really strong start of them to pick up the first map wasn’t enough as forZe stepped it up on map 2 & 3, picking up both maps with similar scores and securing themselves the second final spot.

The finals was surely one to watch as the first map went neck and neck as they were trading out rounds with forZe just about picking it up. The second map however was a complete turnaround. ForZe took an incredibly leap on the first half with a 13-2 scoreline. Seemingly impossible for the Danes to crawl back into this, they started their comeback. But once they hit double digits they stumbled and allowed forZe to close it out.

With this Week 10 victory for forZe they are back-to-back winners and pick up their third trophy in the entirety of Malta Vibes! A great performance, and a team to look out for.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this event, all the teams participating, all of you at home for watching and all of our partners for making this event possible and we hope to see you again, soon!