MALTA VIBES WEEK 10: Quarterfinals – Recap

A day full of upsets, surprises and quick games! Four teams showed pure strength and this is what happened:

Gambit Youngsters managed to tie up the series after the lost the first map. But once we started on Map 3 x6tence took the upper hand and showed what they were capable off after an impressive 3-12 first half, which eventually resulted in them winning the map and series.

Sadly Gambit YNG vs. x6tence was the closest game we saw today. Galaxy Racer only managed to pick up 11 rounds over two maps (16-6 & 16-5). North left no mercy and showed why they deserved that Semi-Final spot.

ForZe also left no mercy on FATE. 16-8 on Train followed up by a 16-7 scoreline on Inferno was enough to send them out of the tournament once again.
And for those who thought Endpoint vs. Sprout would be a closer game, nope…
Sprout started off strong, stealing Endpoint’s map pick 16-7, and to rub salt in the wound they finished with a 16-4 on Mirage.

Some really fast and surprising games today. Hopefully we can see some closer games in tomorrow’s Semi-Finals and Final.