MALTA VIBES WEEK 2: Quarterfinals – Recap

It was a hard fight, but we got through it!
Here’s a summary of the Week 2 Quarterfinals:

The first Quarterfinal between Hellraisers and Budapest Five set the tone for the rest of the day. The first map went straight into overtime and went in favour of Budapest Five. But on map 2 and 3 Hellraisers turned up the gas a bit and took both maps with a 16-9 on Vertigo and 16-10 on Dust2. Ending the series 2 – 1.

CR4ZY and Alternate aTTaX had an even closer game. Both teams claimed their own map picks, as CR4ZY won mirage 19-16 and aTTaX won Vertigo 16-10. The third and final map (Overpass) was a true nail-biter as it ended 14-16 for the guys from Alternate.

Going into ForZe vs. Syman.
This game was the only QF that ended with a 2-0 series. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a close. ForZe was able to pick up the map pick of Syman (Overpass) 16-13, but once we jumped into Inferno ForZe begun to struggle. Syman did everything in their power and forced multiple overtimes upon ForZe, but it wasn’t enough as they did pick up their own pick 25 – 22 .

Last but not least we had AVEZ vs. Endpoint. What a game to close out the day!
AVEZ had some trouble getting warmed up on Dust2 and had to give the map to Endpoint with an big 5-16 loss. They managed to strike back on Overpass, but only barely (16-14).
With the series tied up it was anybody’s game, but due to a very strong first half of Endpoint, it was them who took the third and final map of the day.

And after all of that only 4 teams remain: Hellraisers, Alternate aTTaX, Forze and Endpoint.
These 4 teams will battle it out tomorrow in two Semi-Finals and one Grand Final!