MALTA VIBES WEEK 5: Group A – Recap

Honoris and Nordavind are the ones who survive Group A!
This is what happened today:

Both Honoris and S-Gaming started off strong with very strong scores (16-5 and 16-8).
Knocking down CR4ZY and Malta Vibes W1 Champion Nordavind to the lower bracket.
Nordavind switched things up and dominated CR4ZY on two quick maps to take the victory and move on to the decider match.

In the winners match it was S-Gaming having a lot of trouble. Honoris, being in top shape, had no mercy and shut things down real fast 16-12 and 16-4.

Bringing us already into the decider match where S-Gaming seemed to have the same issue as their previous match. Struggling to get through the CT Defence from Nordavind and being unable to stop their T-side pushed, they had to give the last Quarterfinal spot to them.

And so it are Nordavind and Honoris moving on into the playoffs later this week!