MALTA VIBES WEEK 5: Group C – Recap

We’re only halfway throughout the day, but we’ve already seen quite the story!

Gamerlegion was by far the best team today, they had a confident win in their opening match and completely dominated Syman in their winners match. Due to these 2 clean wins, they already advance to the Quarterfinals and are the winners of group C.

The other Quarterfinal ticket was a complete different story.
Tikitakan, the underdog of today, had a painful start with a very close loss in their opening match against Syman. 16-14 sent them to the lower bracket.
In that lowerbracket however they stepped it up a bit: Hard Legion fell after a 3-map game in the elimination match. Moving on towards the decider match we happened to see a rematch of the opening match, but this one swung the other way.

Tikitakan flew through Mirage with a 16-8 win. On the second map Overpass it was a bit harder and we had once again saw that 16-14 scoreline come out. However, this time it was Syman who had to throw in the towel and got eliminated.

We will see both of these teams perform in tomorrow’s Quarterfinals.
For now however, we still have Group D playing their games! Head over to our twitch channels to join the action:

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