Ready for the Malta Vibes Knockout Series #5?

The fifth tournament of the Malta Vibes Knockout Series begins next week! The 40 teams who will participate, including top ones such as fnatic and CPH Flames, as well as some new names such as 1shot, Los-Reyes, UNGENTIUM, are eager to start, which means that new matchups and a lot of excitement and plot twists are on the way!

If you’re not familiar with our prizes yet, teams from all over the world are coming to fight for the total of $50,000 prize pool and 2 boot camps in picturesque Malta!
It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

The format will follow the same principles as the previous ones: Single Elimination brackets and from the first Round of 16 and on the winners will take a share of the prize pool for every victory they take. The two finalists will win 2 boot camps in breathtaking Malta, but only one will be crowned as the tournament’s champion and will take home
the $25,000 money prize.

The tournament is scheduled to start on January 17th until January 27th.

All matches can be watched on Eden’s official Twitch channel:

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